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Scot Crone – Business owner and entrepreneur Scot Crone has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Scot Crone works for companies across the globe, Scot Crone consults with global firms on digital, social and search.

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Karen Crone (Actress) Movie Credits

Karen Crone – Karen Crone is an actress, known for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001), Rome: Total War (2004) and Mental (2012)

Movies Karen Crone is known for:

Karen Crone in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)

Karen Crone in Rome: Total War (2004)

Karen Crone in Mental (2012)

Other people named Karen Crone:

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone

Karen Crone


Finding the Best Technology with Business Phone Systems

These days it is so important to have the finest business phone systems that can be afforded. At Advanced Communications, they strive to be the highest quality technology that can be passed on to their clients. They want to be a company’s one stop solution for all your needs, whether it be for business phone systems, VOIP systems, data networking, infrastructure design and implementation, surveillance systems, audio and visual installations and more.

One of the areas that they like to focus on offering the best technology solutions includes telephone systems and VOIP systems by Allworx, LG Ericsson LIK, and Epygi. Allworx is a powerful and money saving solution for companies that have less than one hundred fifty users. Allworx offers a great way to access, configure, and utilize the system as either a phone system, network server and/or web/email server. There are also many great features and advantages to using the Allwork phone systems. The LG Ericsson LIK communications system is also pretty amazing and can save customers large amounts of operational costs. Advanced Communications also believes this is the best overall system for its clients.

These are some top quality brands, including Avaya, NEC, Nortel, Talkswitch and more. Speaking on the telephone is obviously so important and having the right system can make a big difference in the professionalism outside to other clients and inside to your own employees. Click here for more details. Phone systems can also be customized to fit each company’s needs and desires.

No matter what expertise your company may have, it is important to help make your business phone system less complicated and more manageable. At Advanced Communications VOIP, they also make the process simple if one needs to call about service or sales.

Whether a company has just ten people or a thousand, one office or many office locations, Advanced Communications phone systems has the means to help save you money and an easier to use system.


2 Reasons You Might need a Home Inspection

Many homes in the Central Florida area are older homes, and sometimes, an older home can be dangerous. Whether you are purchasing an older Florida home or are currently living in an older Florida home, it might be time to get an inspection.

Why do you need a home inspection? Home inspections, when performed properly through an experienced company like the Central Florida Building Inspectors, they will identify for homeowners the weakest points. This way those living in the home will know exactly where to improve on the interior/exterior to make it a better and safer place.

Reason #1 – Are you Planning on Selling the Home

If you are thinking about selling the house, it is important to get an Orlando Home Inspection. What this does it help eliminate any problems in the process of selling. It lets the seller know anything that might need updating for a contract to go through on the house. Alternatively, it also helps with realtor know if an AS-IS contract is a necessary part of finding a buyer. Do not wait until it is time for the buyer to get an inspection in order for the sale to close could cause a standstill in the process of the sale.

Reason #2 – For Insurance Purposes

The purchase of property insurance on an estate is a requirement by law. Many insurance companies will not take the risk of insuring a property if it is older than 20-30 years. That means the home has to be built before the year 1983. In the Central Florida area it is not unheard of that the home you might be living in was built in the 1950’s. What does that mean for you? It means you will need to get a 4-point Insurance inspection.

This lets the insurance company know that the roof, electric system, HVAC system, and Plumbing have all been updated since the building year. Newer systems mean less risk for the insurance company, whereas a home that still has the original wiring is a fire hazard.

Learn more about the different types of home inspections, click here.

Almost every Industry now uses 3d Printing in their Creation Process

The reality of 3D printing is changing the world. Almost every industry now uses some type of 3D printing to better their companies. For instance, in the education industry, one real case study is from the Institute of Cornell University. They have set in the classroom a desktop 3d printer that allows students to create and work independently with replicas of Franz Reueaux kinematic mechanisms (1862). By having true-to-life replicas of the kinetic mechanisms, students are able to learn by interaction with the models rather than only with a visual.

Another case study in the industry of Dental work, dentists are now using 3d scanning and 3d printing to create the models of patient’s teeth. Clients no longer need casts created of their mouths. Dentists and Orthodontist’s have switched to digitizing technologies to achieve the perfect smile for each of their patients.

The most affordable family of 3D printers for small-medium businesses:

  • Objet 24 Desktop – “ideal for industrial designers and engineers”
  • Objet 30 Pro Desktop – “ideal for prototyping consumer goods, consumer electronics, and medical devices”

Each of the printers using multiple layers of materials to create a high quality, high-resolution result. If the company is in need of a 3D Printer for Rapid Prototyping the printer families of Connex and Eden are a better fit for the task.

Every industry is benefiting from the technologies of 3d scanning and 3d printing, finding that it is an excellent way of saving costs and lowering production time. Architecture, medical, and engineering are probably the three industries that use three-dimensional printing on an everyday basis. Tasks that seemed near impossible a few years ago are now possible through this technological advancement.

To learn more about desktop 3d printers, click here.


Everyone Has the Right to Health Insurance

It is the intentions of the U.S. government to provide low cost health insurance for the millions of Americans who do not have health insurance. This is stated, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone in the U.S. has the human right to health care, benefits & contributions should be shared fairly to create a system that works for everyone, and the U.S. government has a responsibility to ensure that care comes first.” These three statements are what President Obama is trying to accomplish when he passed the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act has caused much controversy and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has gone to great lengths to provide as much information as possible for Americans regarding the law and a timeline of changes. Health insurance providers are gearing up for open enrollment beginning in October of 2013 for the health exchange marketplace for each state.

The health exchange marketplace is currently in the process of establishment for every state, some will be ran by the state government while others will be taken care of federally, the marketplace will help uninsured Americans to find the most affordable health insurance quotes to fit the family budget. Private insurance is what families and individuals must turn to if their places of employment do not offer benefits. More people will have to purchase private insurance health plans, since places of business are now cutting back on employee hours so they do not have to pay for employer-sponsored benefits.

Do not despair, many A rated healthcare providers, are quoting affordable insurance plans now, months before the Affordable Care Act deadline of January 2014. Many families are finding themselves in the position of making too much income to qualify for the state Medicaid health insurance, but not making enough income to afford health insurance. If one finds he or she is in this situation, every community has low-cost care available through clinics.

“Everyone has the right to health,” to speak to a qualified health insurance agent about the right policy plan for you and your family, click here.


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One Flight away from Greatness: Flight Training Azma FLT, Inc.

Are you interested in entering the field of aviation? If so, 500 Type Rating Courses are offered and taught by John Azma FLT Pilot Examiner, founder of Azma FLT Inc. John Azma has specialized in the aviation field for several years and has a great list of accomplishments. His team and staff are well trained and they always go the extra mile for each and every student. John Azma and his flight instruction team are highly trained instructing students through a flexible syllabus created to meet the individual needs of each student.

Working within the professional field of aviation is exciting, but it comes with many challenges. The coursework taught at Azma FLT Inc., is intense, but the intensity will challenge and push pilots to develop their career to the maximum potential. Each staff member is an expert in the aviation field, and will a proven asset to the students.

When there is off time, students have the ability to connect with an instructor and get any extra help that might be needed. The instructors encourage students throughout all of their courses, whilst pushing students to be the best that they can be. For example, Citation 510 Type Rating Courses are demanding with the various aspects taught, ranging from instruction on landing gear, to take off, and this can be overwhelming for those who are new to the field. Therefore, instructors are vocal in explaining to students that they can ask them for help if needed, and provide hands-on training experience. This is important for the future prospects and development of each student.

A warm and friendly facility matched with experienced trainers and knowledgeable staff members leads to great things. Students have a handful of people who truly care about them and what they will become in the aviation field. They are life long resources and their first line of defense if anything ever goes wrong while taking any of the Type Rating courses. For any questions about signing up with Azma FLT, Inc. click here.

Flowers: Symbolisms and Meanings

Flowers have a wonderful habit of making a person feel happy whenever they are seen. A person would smile at flowers in a vase, wildflowers blooming on the side of the road, to flowers received as a gift. Flowers play an integral part of society has and have for years past. Flowers are given for funerals, for weddings, for celebrations, and birthdays.  Flowers4Design Ltd has kindly posted on their online blog flower colours and their meanings.

Flowers4Design, a UK online wedding florist, shares about flowers and their symbolism so that brides will be able to create more than a beautiful wedding bouquet, but something truly special with meaning behind it. On the other hand, when a person knows the meaning behind the flower colour and type they can pick out a unique arrangement to send to someone they love whilst communicating a special message of love or friendship.

When a person goes to, they will learn:

  • Red symbolises passion, seduction and intensity
  • Yellow symbolises happiness and hope
  • White symbolises respect, purity, and innocence
  • Orange symbolises kinship, inspiration, and flashiness
  • Blue symbolises confidence, honesty, harmony, stability, and peace

Knowing the meanings behind the colour is important, and certain flower types carry symbolism. The most commonly known flower and its symbol is the Red Rose. People feel confident in buying a bouquet of Red Roses for those they love and are passionate. The other widely known flower symbol is the Lily. Lilies are generally seen around the first of spring and the Easter Holiday. The Lily represents prosperity, devotion, wealth, and fertility.

To read more about different flowers and their meanings, click to view website.



Marketing Ideas for the Entrepreneur

You have blazed your new trail and are starting a new business and now that everything has been set in place, it is time for the first marketing campaign. The first marketing campaign, and to be fair everyone that comes after, needs to be successful in order to keep the business growing. The first step in marketing is to start small and work up to a BIG campaign.

What is the use of spending thousands to market what you do not know will be successful? Set up small campaigns to understand better the mindset of potentially new clients. For example, invest in consumer mailing lists by Marketing File, based on the demographic information set specific targeted promotions. When the results of each small campaign comes back investigate which one did best understand why it worked and then market to a larger group of that specific targeted audience.

Let’s look at an illustration with the example of a vitamin/diet supplements new business:

**Based on the information gathered from the data on the Marketing File mailing list, this company now knows which UK households carry a gym membership plus how many members live in the home.**

Marketing Campaign Idea #1: Direct Market to a 100 household’s promotional material that states call in for a free sample of Product (this can be muscle-building supplements such as Creatinine). Because clients have to call in to get the free sample, now you have the opportunity to connect personally along with getting an exact number of the hundred people interested in a free sample offer.

Marketing Campaign Idea #2: Cross Promote with local Gym, since the Marketing File list also has hobby and interest data on households, you can send to addresses without gym memberships who are interested in sports, a promotion to receive discounted price off a “Product” with new gym membership card.

By setting up two small marketing campaigns to 200 different households with two different set of targeted information, this vitamin/supplement business can now determine which promotion brings in the most leads. Now, armed with this information, they can put more money into the marketing budget because they already know the results percentage.

Starting a new business is hard work, and it is even more work to promote successfully without breaking the bank. Help the success of the business marketing strategy by taking the time to research services offered by Marketing File Direct Marketing Company, to visit their website click here.

In8 Fitness talks about the benefits of a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are more accessible these days than they have ever been. Once upon a time only the most privileged could have their own personal trainers but now there is more chances than ever for those who frequent the gym to have a personal trainer by their side. In8 Fitness knows that that the benefits of having a trainer is great and after reading this it will be more understood.

A personal trainer can provide the accountability that is needed in order to stay motivated to work out. No matter how active or inactive one may be the personal trainer is there to also add motivation to each session. With both accountability and motivation in place In8 fitness Orlando and their personal trainers provide the very best every time they work with their clients.

Working out alone can be so confusing. If someone wants to improve on their stomach, back, and arms and better their cardio where do they begin without an expert pointing them in the right direction? A personal trainer can tailor an exercise program to the needs of person they are working with. Along with their own additions and ideas that they may have this provides the trainee with something to look forward to.

Exercising is one thing but exercising the right way is something entirely different. Even the strongest men and women injure themselves because they were not working out the right way. They assumed they knew it all, and the result was not good.

Orlando Personal Trainer is here for their clients in the Orlando area. They are always looking forward to meeting new people and very happy about giving the clients they are training all the advice needed in order to change over their lifestyles.

The power of a trainer can be a great one and with a motivated client that is open and ready to listen and learn the relationship can have lifelong benefits.

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